What We Do

We can do a lot to help you or your business. Here are some ideas of work we have done and are capable of doing for you:

Document Retrieval and Legal Research

State and city offices are busy, confusing places. They also usually have really long lines, no coffee, and poor bathroom facilities. Luckily, we can help you out with that. Criminal and civil records, public filings, copies of judgments, certificates of incorporation, marriage and divorce records, death records and on and on and on–we wait in line and get that for you. We’ve got the relationships with the clerical staff at the courts and state offices and can efficiently take into consideration the time you are investing in these kinds of research and documentation. We deliver copies of the requested documents by email, fax, express mail, or by own courier team in person.

Process Services and Stakeouts

Service of process is a routine procedure in the legal community. They can also be a major pain in the rear end to complete successfully. People keeping odd hours or dodging your process servers can just add to the trouble. We know–we’ve done it many times before. Our messengers have the experience and wherewithal to be courteous but persistent. We can serve at any hour, any business or residence, hotels, the courts, whatever you need. And we do it with a smile. Feel free to check out our process service page for information on this special service.

Banking and Payroll

Corporate or personal, let us visit the bank and make those deposits for you. We can grab you some extra deposit slips and a lollipop while we’re there.

Interoffice deliveries

Your business interacts with a lot of other businesses. This all probably keeps you very busy. Maybe you’re a law firm and you need to send some documents over to another firm for review. Maybe you’re a reporting or accounting service that needs to get your product to your clients. Maybe you’re a research or consulting firm and need some books from the library. Maybe you’re a lab and need specimens picked-up in those little Styrofoam coolers. No problem.

Schedule and Routed Delivery Services

You’ve got work that goes out regularly, and it’s got to be where it’s got to be on-time. No problem. Let us know what you need and where it needs to go by when, and we can set up a regular scheduled pick-up and delivery for you. Let’s talk and see what we can work out.

Errand Services

We get it: you’re a busy person. People as busy and smart as you (which you must be if you’re looking at us) could use some help with their daily tasks. Spend your time how you need to and leave your errands up to us. Made it to the office but left that important thumb drive at home? Got to your convention hotel room and realized you don’t have that HDMI cable you need for your big presentation? Need someone to run to the store and pick up some diapers for you? CSA pick-up? Dry cleaning? Tickets to the opera? Need a gift delivered? We’ve got that all covered.

Mail and package pick-up and delivery

You’ve got a schedule to keep. You’re a busy person. Believe us, we understand. The mail doesn’t always operate on your schedule, though. Don’t wait around for packages, miss a delivery, or haul that web order home from the office again. Let us do it for you. Let us know when you want your mail or package delivered to you safely, reliably, and conveniently. We can go to the mail office for you and pick it up.

Be creative

You’ve got an idea on something we can do for your or your business? Give us a shout and let’s see what we can do for you to help you be more efficient and effective.

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