What do you deliver?

All kinds of stuff! In addition to mail, documents, design proofs, and bank deposits, we deliver locally roasted coffee, dry goods, and electronics. If you’d like something large or out of the ordinary delivered, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a quote.

Where do you deliver?

We serve Baltimore City, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and beyond.

How do you deliver it?

We strive to deliver as many of our packages as possible with pedal power, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised by what we can deliver by bike! Not only do bicycles present the fastest way to get around Baltimore, they also provide us with an efficient and environmentally friendly way to move your parcels from point A to point B.

We understand the needs of clients who send things further distances or have packages that would pose a significant challenge to a bicycle courier, however. For these packages we have the EpicMobile, our zero-emissions electric car, so you can be confident that your package will arrive on time and without impacting the environment.

Why green delivery?

By utilizing our services, you’re not only supporting your local economy, you’re lowering your own carbon emission rates. By providing an alternative to conventional gasoline-based delivery, we create a zero emission delivery option for our clientele.

How much does a delivery cost?

Our rates are determined by the pick up and drop off locations and delivery speed. Other surcharges may apply, depending on what you would like delivered (but never a gasoline surcharge!). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 410.467.0171.

Can I get daily or weekly deliveries?

Regularly scheduled deliveries are our specialty and are eligible for discount pricing. We can incorporate your regular distribution needs, as frequently as you require.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. We carry full liability insurance in compliance with all industry standards.

How do I properly prepare my delivery?

Please package your items as if you were mailing them! Include the following information with your item: Recipient’s name and complete address (including zip code and suite number, if applicable). Phone numbers are very helpful. The more information, the better.

How do I pay for my delivery?

Call us old-school, but we prefer payment via check. Regular clients are sent weekly invoices, though we are happy to accommodate other billing cycles. Everyone else will be sent an invoice via email after completion of the delivery. We also accept credit cards over the phone and online payments via Dwolla.

What surcharges may apply?

Additional fees may apply for the following: parcels weighing over 35 pounds, packages over 21 inches, deliveries that require more than ten minutes of wait time, deliveries requiring multiple stops. Wrong addresses and last-minute cancellations will also incur an additional fee.

What does “Worker Owned and Operated” mean?

It means that the people who work at Epic Courier, LLC, own it too, and share in the attendant responsibilities, benefits and risks. Our business is non-hierarchical and decisions are made by all of our worker-owners using a consensus model. This means that the person answering the phone, delivering your package, and processing your documents are all people you know and trust and have a vested stake in offering you exceptional service.