Epic Welcomes Sara Kryscio!

We hear at Epic would like to welcome Sara Kryscio to our staff! To celebrate, here’s a little Q & A with our newest employee.



How did you get started in the courier industry?

My friend John worked with another company in the city and they had an opening and he thought I would be a good fit. I never thought I could do it, but I knew my friend wouldn’t have vouched for me lightly so I thought maybe I could! My first winter was brutal but I hit the ground running dealing with rain, cold temperatures, cold temperatures and rain, etc. It definitely tested my character and I figured if I could handle a new job and the elements and still enjoy it and want to come in to work the next day it could only get better, and it did!

My first day, honestly, was like 33 degrees and rainy and I had a mail run, and I had my old bag, which was small and I didn’t have enough space for stuff and I told myself: “If I can get through this first mail run then I can do this.” And here I am!

What’s your favorite color?


What got you interested in working with Epic?

I like how Epic treats the employees in a respectful way that reflects the work involved. A transparent work environment that values everyone’s input so they can all grow is important to me. I think it’s cool that Epic is involved with the community too, and wants to become a part of making Baltimore a better place!

What do you find most interesting about the work?

I always find it interesting when I see people on the job that I know from my social life. It’s kind of a surprise to see one another in our working roles. We look at one another strangely and recognize one another and laugh at our respective jobs.

What do you do when you’re not Epic-ing?

I am in a band! Check it out: http://ilovemssara.bandcamp.com/releases I like to cook and do yoga (not at the same time).  I like riding my bike!